Calloway’s carries a variety of replacement glass shades for lamps, sconces, and ceiling fixtures. Depending on the severity of the breakage, we can repair glass as well. Learn more about our glass repair service here…

Glass Replacement for Mounted Fixtures

If you are replacing one of multiple pieces: In order to get a perfect size and style match for ceiling lights and sconces, bring in one of the unbroken ones.

If the fixture has only one piece of glass, measure across the fitter (the metal part where the glass sits in) and note any other decorative accent (like an arm) that the glass needs to clear. Pictures help too.

Lamp Glass Replacement

Bring your lamp to us so we can see what needs to be replaced and advise you on your options. Lamp glass comes in numerous styles, sizes, and shapes and it really is necessary to see your light to help you get what you need. If you have the original glass and the break is minimal, allowing for an accurate measure, you can bring it to us instead.