Did you know you can bring us just about anything and we can make it into a lamp or hanging light for you?

Bring in:

  • a vase or jar
  • architectural accents (like columns or balustrades)
  • a favorite wine or liquor bottle
  • driftwood
  • a wagon wheel
  • a statue
  • most decorative objects
  • any sentimentals, including sports helmets and equipment, trophies, and toys
  • an instrument, from the common clarinet to a full-size guitar

We’ve even made a lamp out of a shotgun! It is impossible to list all the interesting lamps we’ve created for customers, but chances are if you can imagine it, we can light it up. It’s a fabulous way to get a unique, meaningful, and functional art piece for your home.

On average, it costs about $50-$150 to make something into a table lamp. The least expensive lamp creations are baseless vase-style lamps with a hole on the side. Custom chandeliers are impossible to give an average cost for, as there are too many options to calculate. Just bring in your idea and we will give you an estimate that we will stand by.

Visit both our photo gallery and our Facebook page for some recent pieces we’ve worked on.