We repair and restore roughly 200 chandeliers a year. Chandelier work can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks, depending on the intricacy of the work involved and the availability of parts. Our average turnaround is one week and we work within customer time constraints whenever possible. We can give you an idea of our time frame when you bring your project into the store.

Chandelier repair work includes:

  • socket replacements (height and type options)
  • rewiring individual sockets
  • replacing primary wire with a choice of cord color and type (plastic or cloth-covered) and to desired hanging height specifications
  • refinishing or changing finishes
  • repairing broken components, including glass, metal, wood and plastic
  • adding or changing glass and prisms, candle covers, bobeches (the little dishes the sockets sit on), and other modifications to update the look of a fixture.

For more information on specifics of this work and the options available to you, please see our detailed information on lamp repair.

Our minimum for chandeliers is $40. General labor per arm runs $10-$30. However, these numbers can climb quickly, depending on the severity of the issue and the time it takes to do the repair. We are happy to give you an estimate when you bring your light into the store and we stand by our in-person estimates. If you are trying to decide whether a project you are contemplating is worth it before you take your fixture down, take some pictures and email us. We’re happy to give you a rough idea. It is near to impossible to give estimates over the phone, unfortunately.

Don’t forget: We can light up just about anything! See our page on custom lighting for information.