We average about 3,000 lighting repairs a year, with the majority of these being customers’ beloved lamps. Common repairs are usually finished within a week.  Exceptions to this rule are lamps requiring finishing work, metal or glue repairs, or parts to be special-ordered. Regular lamp repairs include:


We have wiring in over 30 different colors, materials, and types. Types include standard chandelier gauge, standard lamp gauge, and pulley cord. Materials include plastic, rayon, rayon twist, cotton-covered, and even steel-braid. Colors range from the standard black, brown, white, ivory, clear gold, opaque gold, clear silver, and vintage copper to the not-so-standard bright red, olive green, electric blue, putty, and striped. We are always adding new and stylish cord to our collection.

We can also shorten or lengthen cord to suit your lamp’s use.

Sockets and Switch Replacements

We can replace or change your socket to whatever you desire, including a 3-way socket, an on-off, a push-thru, a pull-chain, a hi/low dimmer, a full-range dimmer, a keyless, or a mogul. We can add a touch unit and add or replace switches on lamp bases and lamp cords. We can change a single socket to a double, a candelabra socket to a medium-base, and just about any other modification you can think of.

In terms of the types of lamps we work on, lamp parts are divided up by their applications. We primarily work on incandescent (standard lighting) and halogen, but call us or bring in your fluorescent and LED fixtures, too, and we’ll evaluate them.

Incandescent: We stock just about every part under the sun for this style of lighting. We have decades of experience in this field and find these type of fixtures the easiest to manipulate and customize.

Halogen: We stock many halogen parts and switches as well. If there is a part that we do not stock, chances are we can order it. Customization of these fixtures is limited by halogen’s high-heat output and, in some cases, the need for a transformer.

Fluorescent: This type of lighting is tricky. The older the fixture the easier the repair. Many newer lights coming out in this field are using parts and components that are not available in the aftermarket part companies. If your lamp is old (30+ years), chances are we can fix it. If it is younger than that, we are happy to help you order any parts needed to try to get it back in working order.

LED: This lighting field is brand new in repair terms, since most LED lighting hasn’t been around long enough to require repair. In addition, the technology is evolving so fast that many lamps are manufactured using parts that are rendered obsolete and replaced by new technology before they ever need repair. As a result, we are not able to repair most of these lamps. When the technology becomes more standardized, we intend to accept LED repairs.

Repairing Broken Components

We can fix most of life’s collisions with your beloved lamp, including those caused by children, grandchildren, pets, movers, house guests, and you. We work on glass, metal, wood, plastic, resin, and plaster. Customers are amazed at our ability to repair their breaks, cracks, and chips.

Metals: We offer repairs on most metals, including brass, steel, copper, aluminum, and even pot metal. We solder and braze in-house and outsource our welding projects to a local artist.

Fabrication: Many parts used in antiques are not available anymore and thus need to be handmade. We stock a variety of raw materials (brass, copper, steel) that can be cut, shaped, and drilled to fill in those missing pieces in your favorite lamps.

Glass: If you have a broken piece of glass and it’s not in too many pieces, chances are we can put it back together using our UV-light-curing system. We can repair some stained glass, but not all. Learn more about our glass repair service here …

Refinishing, Updates, and Customization

Refinishing or Changing Finishes

Need a lamp touched up? Love your lamp but sick of the finish? We can fix that! We can paint it, stain it, and affect the finish with a variety of customizing techniques to work that old favorite into your new decor.


In addition to fixing the damaged or broken aspects of your favorite lamp, we can help you update it by changing the finish or color, adding a new base, rearranging components, or (you knew we had to mention it!) helping you select a new lampshade. Start getting some ideas on our lampshades page!

Lifestyle Customization

We can make your lamps more user-friendly by adding touch units, line switches, weights, harp bases, and other lighting modifications. Cats who like to climb? Dogs with enthusiastic tails? Grandchildren playing in the house? Arthritis or vision issues? We can make modifications to your light to better integrate it into your life. We can add weights to make it harder to knock over. We can change the way you turn it on to limit joint pain. We can add a socket that better handles the heat of a high-wattage bulb and a lampshade that maximizes the light you need to read by. When you come in to see us, tell us your story and we will help adapt your light to your life!